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Juni 29, 2023Gelikt von Aya Velázquez

I think, many of the experts had been working on biopolitics for a long time. The german influence on WHO was much bigger than that of US or China.

Maybe China had indeed more influence on Italy (the first with lockdowns and draconian laws). I think "Ebola" in Africa had been the precursors of this. The "World Health summits" since 2009. Wieler as head of Covid 19 working group in WHO... Drosten as the inventor of SARS1 back in 2003, now for the first test (gold standard), the german Paul-Ehrlich-Institute responsible as first raporteur to EMA and for the control and release of all batches of EU countries! "Covid 19" had been a big business in Germany. Thats why Germany had econimic growth. Who payed for it ? middle class and poor people! To me all these prepandemic preparedness and "One Health" are mostly German/US/EU interests. All governments seem to love the tools to manyipulate and control the public, which had been so easily applied, and the vast majorities complied!

One can learn about the protagonists from Germany on my substack. Thank you Aya.

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Juni 29, 2023Gelikt von Aya Velázquez

Arrogance, group-think, cowardice: The worst aspects of Germany on display here...

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Juni 29, 2023Gelikt von Aya Velázquez

Excellent work

Populations are OK with such meetings being held in private.

I never understand why populations accept detailed surveillance of their own lives, under 'what have you got to hide?'......but are OK with authority acting in secret - extremely naive, inconsistent

One definition of 'conspire' - To plan or plot secretly.

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An excellent article. I thank you both for all the work you have done to bring this information to light.

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Max Planck scientist Dr Guy Reeves blog:


Best German article:


with press releases in German:


EU funded VACDIVA project:


Self-spreading vaccine literature (funded by Wellcome Trust, DARPA, NIH) discussed "boosters" and R values:


Mammalian immune evasion (a.k.a. asymptomatic spread of SARS2)


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So why are the officials and politicians not in danger? My guess is the redacted are the names of wealthy powerful people not scientific people.

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After reading this it honestly just looks like they were doing their job.

A lot of the interpretations made here are super uncharitable, like with the ukrainian refugee and the monkeypox segments. "big quantities of people coming in have an effect on the spreading of diseases" is a very clinical but true statement and doesn't need to be interpreted as something degrading. Nor does a council tasked with infectious disease control studying and preparing for a potential new disease count as the rampant paranoia it is portrayed as here. These are just two examples.

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"just looks like they were doing their job"

Thanks for that. The Classic.

It´s the standard answer of all Nazi-Collaborateurs after 1945. - "I´ve just done my job!"

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Great article, and intelligent assesments and conclusions on each point. It gives a dimension of the criminal farse stated from the german political board and the ideologicized "scientists" devoted to their scientistic program accorded to a wider criminal agenda against democracy and people. The article reveal clearly the absence of ethics and morals of the "rulers" of germany, and the weakness of the judiciary, a power who are an extension of the executive instead to be independent, defending the rights of the people against the abuses commited by the government ( and the "scientists", and the MSM, and the police, and so on).

Without a process against the crimes commited, we continue as society in weakness, ignorance, traumatized, in a permanent division and chaos, and we learn nothing from the hardest experiences from the last time of the whole world. Thanks for your work Aya!

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Amazing work Aya! 👏🏻 great to see you here too, dear. Wish we can meet again soon ♥️

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